Hey there, and welcome to Incluvate – my little corner of the internet where I explore the fascinating world of web development, frontend technologies and patterns, and accessibility.

Incluvate is more than just a blog; it’s my digital journal where I share insights, discoveries, and the occasional “aha” moments on the journey to become a more proficient developer. I believe in keeping things real and down-to-earth, so expect a mix of personal experiences, industry trends, and anything that sparks my curiosity.

Who am I

Great question! My name is Henri, and lately, I’ve been wearing many hats, including Software Developer. But above all, I’m passionate about web development, especially frontend UI and UX.

While studying electrical engineering from 2015 to 2019, I took a few computer science courses. That’s when I first felt the spark for the field, although I also enjoyed the realm of electrical engineering. Fast forward to 2021, I was doing alright in my career, working as a project manager for an electrical contracting company. However, during the pandemic, I somehow grew fed up with that gig.

So, I made a decision to reignite my passion for computer science and pursue a career in that field. I studied after work in the evenings at the Open University of the University of Helsinki, eventually earning a permanent study right in 2022.

Luckily (and perhaps fueled by ambition) in January 2023, I landed my first software development job in a startup within the University of Helsinki, led by one of our esteemed computer science professors.